Love or Glory

Paisley getting beautified for her class.

Paisley getting beautified for her class.

It was a first of many shows for the year of 2013. Missouri Alpha Gamma Rho organization put on their annual heifer and steer show this past weekend. I took my two baby girls Paisley and Babe. They both did really well in their classes. Paisley won her class and got Reserve Missouri Percentage Simmental. Babe only got fifth in her class but she got first Missouri in her class. I am so proud of my two girls. I don’t know what I would do with out my cattle. People say that a dog is mans best friend, well my cattle are my best friends.

Why do people show cattle? Do they do it for the money, glory, bragging rights, or for the 98-cent ribbon? Yes all of those are true and are really nice, but is this why we really show?  My cattle are my best friends and my family. They are my job and responsibility to take care of. I take care of my cattle more than I take care of myself. When I have a bad day I walk out to the barn and just set. Eventually, Paisley will walk up to me and give me this look. A look of everything will be all right, I promise. My cattle and I have this special communication.

The girls we took to the show. Far left is Babe and far right is Paisley

The girls we took to the show. Far left is Babe and far right is Paisley

On show day, yes the ribbons and awards are nice, but this is a day to display all of your hard work with your calf. The thrill of being covered from head to two in black paint because you want you calf to look its best. In the ring, the slobbers your calf gets all over you don’t matter, because you know they are love slobbers. At the end of the day, no matter how you did, you know your hard work paid off but you have to continue to work hard.

I don’t go out and spend a pretty penny on my calves, and I don’t always win at the shows, but to me that doesn’t matter. What does matter to me was that I got to show off my hard work of my cattle. I get so attached to my cattle that it is hard to let go sometimes, but I remind myself that there will be a new one next year that I can spoil. Cattle are my love, my life, and my passion; I couldn’t live without them.


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