My Photography

Here is my second round of film photos. Every class I enjoy it more and more. I have talked to my parents and I believe I have them convinced to let me put a dark room setup in our basement. I am super excited to have my own dark room. So here are some questions for who is reading. Would it be a good idea to start to sell my pictures? Do you think that my pictures would sell? Would you want to buy one of my pictures? I have been throwing these questions around in my head and wasn’t sure if I could actually sell them. If you could give me your feedback I would really appreciate it. I love to take pictures and I will be doing it my whole life.



One thought on “My Photography

  1. I love these pictures. When you ask if you think they will sell, I would say you will never know until you give it a shot! You’re a great photographer, and I think you could only benefit from putting them out there.

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