Farm n Wife

My Agriculture Communications class was privileged to have Judi Graff come and speak to our class. Some of you might know her as Farm-n-Wife. She has a very popular blog that helps teach people and farmers about how to blog. She came to our class to talk to us on how to improve our blog. Here are the top three things I learned from her.

  •             Companies that blog have 55% more visitors.

This is a really good fact to know. This really got me to thinking about starting a blog for my family farm. We have a website but we are wanting more people to find out about us. When Farm-n-Wife said that having a blog increases visitors to your website it was for sure that I wanted to make a blog.

  •             Have your website design simple.

With being involved with graphics I tend to be a little dramatic with my design. With my blog though I can’t be so dramatic so people can follow my stories. My pictures can be dramatic but not my blog so much.

  •             Have a contact page.

You need to have page that people are able to contact me. If they have a question or a suggestion they can click on my contact me button and email me with whatever that have to say.

I hope these tips helped you like they helped me. Just those little improvements have brought more visitors to my blog. Go check her out at


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