One Little Piggy Cried Wee Wee Wee

Last week I wrote about my cattle and their show season, which by the way is going great. Paisley got 5th overall at the Battle of the Breeds show and she got Reserve Overall at the Bonneville preview show.  I am so proud of my baby girl. But this week I am going to write about my other showing hobby. On Saturday I got to pick out two pigs and take them home and show them. This will be my third year showing pigs and I am super excited.

This year I have a Yorkshire barrow that is all white and a Cross Bred belted barrow.  They did not get along at first but those cold nights have brought them closer. Sunday I went out to give them marshmallows because all pigs love marshmallows, but I couldn’t get them to eat them. Since they would not eat them I put them in their feed pan and found them gone the next day. Pigs have such great personalities that you never now what they are going to do.

I have one problem and that is that my piggies do not have any names. I have came up with a couple but I’m just not sure yet. I have Batman and Robin, Enos and Rosco, and I’m not sure what else I could name them. If you could please comment below if you have any other name.


3 thoughts on “One Little Piggy Cried Wee Wee Wee

  1. First off, I love pigs! They are my passion in animal agriculture. I’ve been around various classes of livestock and hogs are bar none my favorite. I love that you wander what to name them. As a young girl, my dad always told us that we couldn’t name what we ate. So when we got show pigs, we always named them! Then eventually we quit showing them and well they became bacon. Now, I just name all my pigs hog parts. It’s kind of sick and twisted but the last four hogs we took to market were Bacon and Ham. I guess I shouldn’t say all of them, but a lot of them. It’s easier to call them bacon so when I say that I’m eating bacon…I’m really eating Bacon. I know it’s weird. Show hogs are a blast though. You will love them. I like that batman theme. Both of them being boys, I think that Batman and Robin are awesome names. Good luck showing pigs! Hopefully you became as passionate about them as I am!

    • I do love my pigs. I am passionate about this, maybe not as much as my cattle but I still love them. I was going to name them after pig parts used for food by one of them is being used for my sisters wedding so I figured it would be hard to take lol. I am very excited for this show season. And all my other pigs loved marshmallows but these for some odd reason lol.

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