Starting Back Up

I feel awful that I quit blogging for a couple of months, but I am here now and ready to start back up again promoting agriculture. Over the past couple of months it has been exciting between showing cattle, work and school. From know on I plan on sharing every experience through my blog.


This summer I tied up a nice fall heifer for next year named Jazz. I will be talking about her a lot and how she does for me at the shows. She is a baldy Percentage Simmental heifer that has many different personalities. She has only been to one show this year and lets just say that was close to a rodeo. Since then she has done a lot better but she gets this look in her eyes every so often saying “Don’t even think about doing anything to me.”

Everybody knows Paisley, but if you don’t then I will tell you. Paisley was my show heifer from last year that did very well for me. I am not replacing Paisley with Jazz but they b

oth have a very special place in my heart. Now I am glad to say that Paisley has become a momma. I am thankful that she gave me a sweet little heifer calf and they are both healthy. Paisley has become a great mother for her calf and hopefully a good role model too, sinceI have big plans for this little one. She doesn’t have a name yet so if you have any ideas feel free to comment below.

Be sure to keep checking back for updates on Jazz with shows for next year and also how the new little one is doing.