About Me!

I have two passions in my life, my cattle and my camera. I have lived on a family owned farm my whole life. We raise and show Simmentals, Percentage Simmentals, and club calves. I always have and always will have a passion for agriculture; you could say it is in my blood. Ever since I was little I always enjoyed taking pictures. Got my very first camera when I five years old, and have not stop taking pictures since. I work for Pearl’s Pics as a photographer for five years. I travel to cattle shows with her and take pictures of the exhibitors in the ring.

Mallory 3 copyI am only 19 and I still have many years ahead of me, but I have many goals I want to achieve in my lifetime. I want to continue my cattle production business and produce high quality heifers that will be champions one day. Another goal is to have a very successful cattle photography business where I can travel the U.S. taking pictures of cattle. I want to promote the cattle industry through my photography.

I am currently a freshman at Missouri State University. I plan on receiving my bachelors degree in Agriculture Communications with a minor in Photography. With this degree I can increase my knowledge of the agriculture industry and photography. I am very excited to start into my photography classes because I will be learning the basics in film. I will be posting on my blog about my classes and how they are helping my help agriculture.

This blog with be just a start of my goal in promoting agriculture. In my blog you will read about my life on my family farm, my pictures of agriculture, and what is going on in agriculture today. Promoting agriculture one picture at a time.


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