Starting Back Up

I feel awful that I quit blogging for a couple of months, but I am here now and ready to start back up again promoting agriculture. Over the past couple of months it has been exciting between showing cattle, work and school. From know on I plan on sharing every experience through my blog.


This summer I tied up a nice fall heifer for next year named Jazz. I will be talking about her a lot and how she does for me at the shows. She is a baldy Percentage Simmental heifer that has many different personalities. She has only been to one show this year and lets just say that was close to a rodeo. Since then she has done a lot better but she gets this look in her eyes every so often saying “Don’t even think about doing anything to me.”

Everybody knows Paisley, but if you don’t then I will tell you. Paisley was my show heifer from last year that did very well for me. I am not replacing Paisley with Jazz but they b

oth have a very special place in my heart. Now I am glad to say that Paisley has become a momma. I am thankful that she gave me a sweet little heifer calf and they are both healthy. Paisley has become a great mother for her calf and hopefully a good role model too, sinceI have big plans for this little one. She doesn’t have a name yet so if you have any ideas feel free to comment below.

Be sure to keep checking back for updates on Jazz with shows for next year and also how the new little one is doing.


2013 National Cattledog Finals

Cattledog Finals. The event was held in my hometown of Leeton Missouri. It was a four-day event that started Thursday May 2 to Sunday May 5. There were 65 dogs there that ran. The handlers had to whistle or voice to the dog the commands. untitled-9What the dogs did was bring three head of cattle up the field and run them through multiply obstacles. The dogs were judged on how many obstacles they completed and how many cattle they got to go through the obstacle.

This was my official first job as my own business. On Friday, I got there at 7 am to put up my backdrop, canopy, and trailer. What I was not expecting that morning was snow. It snowed all day but I didn’t pack up and leave. That was the day the Nursery dogs ran. Nursery dogs are 3 years old and younger. The handlers are starting the dogs at a young age to learn how to herd these cattle. The top 10 dogs with the best scores got to continue to Sunday for the finals

On Saturday, it was a little nicer day but it was still cloudy and cold. Saturday was the second round of the open dogs. These dogs had already run on Thursday in the first round but ran a second round on Saturday. untitled-14There were still obstacles that the dog had to get the cattle through just like nursery, but these dogs were 4 and older in age. Of course the obstacles were harder since these dogs were older with more experience. At the end of the day the judges combined the scores of the two days and the top 20 got to continue to the finals on Sunday.

Sunday was the finals day and it was cloudy and sunny. These were the top dogs of the nation. The nurseries were first to run with the open dogs after that. It was a great experience to go through not only to learn more about my photography but also the great things the handlers do with these dogs. The event will be held in Leeton again for the next 2 years. If you can, try to make it next year to the National Cattledog Finals.

State Proficiency Winner in Agricultural Communications

I work for a Pearl Walthall who takes livestock photography. I have worked with her for five years now. Photography and livestock are my two loves and it is amazing to be doing them together. For FFA this is my SAE so I would record all of the times I would work with Pearl and any purchases I would make. Will this past year I filled out my proficiency application in Agricultural Communications for my livestock photography. I was really surprised when I was told that I had won my area contest with my proficiency. I then filled out the state application. This past weekend I got acknowledged on stage that I was the state winner for the Agricultural Communications proficiency. I would have never thought that I would make it that far. Now the next step is to fill out the national application and be in Kentucky in the fall. I will then see if my proficiency does well again. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to do this. I just want to thank my family, advisor, and everybody who supported me.

One Little Piggy Cried Wee Wee Wee

Last week I wrote about my cattle and their show season, which by the way is going great. Paisley got 5th overall at the Battle of the Breeds show and she got Reserve Overall at the Bonneville preview show.  I am so proud of my baby girl. But this week I am going to write about my other showing hobby. On Saturday I got to pick out two pigs and take them home and show them. This will be my third year showing pigs and I am super excited.

This year I have a Yorkshire barrow that is all white and a Cross Bred belted barrow.  They did not get along at first but those cold nights have brought them closer. Sunday I went out to give them marshmallows because all pigs love marshmallows, but I couldn’t get them to eat them. Since they would not eat them I put them in their feed pan and found them gone the next day. Pigs have such great personalities that you never now what they are going to do.

I have one problem and that is that my piggies do not have any names. I have came up with a couple but I’m just not sure yet. I have Batman and Robin, Enos and Rosco, and I’m not sure what else I could name them. If you could please comment below if you have any other name.

13 Years and It’s Still a Blast

I love this time of year. The flowers are coming out, the smell of fresh rain, and you can wear shorts and a hoodie. The best part about this time of the year is that the cattle show season is coming in to full swing. Yes there has been cattle shows already this year but for the next couple weekends there is one everyday. I have been showing cattle since I was 5 years old. When I was younger there were more shows than there are now. My family would go to about 20 shows a year. It was so much fun to wake up early in the morning to load the cattle and truck up and head to the show for the day. Then the very next day we would do it again. It is still like that now; you still get the thrill of showing off your project you have been working on. All summer all you do is work with your heifer or steer to make them look the best they can. My heifers Paisley and Babe have done pretty well. Paisley has gotten either Grand or Reserve in her division and Babe has gotten 2 reserves in her division. I am very excited to take them to the rest of the shows. Wish me luck!

Picking Out The PERFECT Show Stock!

Here is my show stock of the year. Im pretty sure I made a good choice in picking her.

My Grandpa brought me an article from the Farm Talk last week. He told me that I might enjoy reading this. Well I knew that if my grandpa wanted me to read it then it had to be good. So here is the article.


The Top 10 signs you picked the wrong club pig/lamb/goat sale:

by Mark Parker


10.  The auctioneer’s lead-in is: ‘Hey, lookee here—now if you want a lamb nobody’s gonna steal…”

9.  The sale poster features the 15th place barrow from a 1978 county fair.

8.  Apparently, #47 has a little fainting goat in him ‘cause he hits the deck when the gavel strikes.

7.  The University of Arkansas Athletic Dept. is there looking for a new mascot.

6.  That one pig may not be a grand championship contender but if he survives he’s a shoo-in for rate-of-gain honors.

5.  Your archrival from back home is the one who highly recommended this sale.

4.  When you ask one of the consignors about his breeding program he says, ‘breeding what?’

3.  The top meat goat prospect has a beard down to his knees.

2.  When there are no bids, the owner steps up to the ring and offers free leg splints.

1.  The top-seller almost brings market price. £


Each number I would always have a little giggle because it seems so true. It was also funny because I thought my grandpa was giving me something serious to read but instead he was feeling humorous. Got to love my grandpa. I hope you enjoyed this top 10 as much as I did.

Reliving History

This week was spring break for Missouri State University. A 9-day break of doing whatever you wanted. Of course I went home like I do every weekend but this week has been different. My older sister came home for a couple of days. Of course I did what I always did of getting the calves up and washing them and babying them. One day when I came in from messing with the calves she had our old Nintendo 64 upstairs.

When my sister and I were younger we would spend hours in the basement playing Mario Brothers. We got really good at the first and second worlds that we felt like pros. We knew where are the little secrets and tricks were. Sometimes we would get lucky and have dad show us how it was really done. I remember one time he made it all the way to world 8 but he couldn’t make it past it. It was always the same routine every night. We would could outside and do our chores then we would come in and play Nintendo until it was time to go to bed.

It was that day that my sister and I sat down and played Mario Brothers that brought back all of these amazing childhood memories. I was 6 years old and had a bottle calf named Twinkles. She would get out in to the yard with me and follow me around everywhere. One day I was playing in a mud and Twinkles comes up behind me and pushes me in. She was always an ornery calf.

When dad would come home and say that he has to go fix a water gap meant that you get to go play in the creek for the day. While dad fixed the fence you got to play and explore the creek. I remember I was adventurous and pretend like the deep water had sharks in it and I had to jump over it to get to the other side. Or I would have to climb up a clay wall just to see what was at the top.

I could go on and on about all of my childhood memories but you would be reading a lot. Maybe I will come across something someday that will spark my memory of some more childhood memories. Please comment and tell me about some of the childhood memories that you have.

So God Made a Stock Show Kid

I found this on Facebook and fell in love with it. It is a remix of the poem “So God Made a Farmer” by Paul Harvey. This version is called “So God Mad a Stock Show Kid” by Stockshow Confidential. It speaks the truth about a true stock show kid. When I was listening to the video all I could say to myself was, “yep I do that”. Showing cattle is my passion and also a lot of other people’s passion. Pass this video on to show everybody what us stock show kids really do.