In my Public Relations in Agriculture class we got the privileged to have Chuck Zimmerman come and talk to our class. Chuck and his wife Cindy created the blog is a blog that makes post about agriculture and events going on now in the agriculture business. Chuck and his wife graduated with journalism degrees and went in to the farm radio business. When they started the business blogging had just started. Over the years many new social media tools have produced. Also there is more technology that makes interviews and media a lot easier. Chuck had to self teach him self how to use a lot of the digital items. With these changes he has improved his business and can expand his business. He can be on all of the social media pages. Audio is stronger now and with photography and video they can document more important moments in agriculture. The Internet and the media are constantly changing a long with agriculture. It will constantly be changing and improving in ways that everybody will be promoting their business through it. Keep watching for to see how agriculture and media is changing.


Farm n Wife

My Agriculture Communications class was privileged to have Judi Graff come and speak to our class. Some of you might know her as Farm-n-Wife. She has a very popular blog that helps teach people and farmers about how to blog. She came to our class to talk to us on how to improve our blog. Here are the top three things I learned from her.

  •             Companies that blog have 55% more visitors.

This is a really good fact to know. This really got me to thinking about starting a blog for my family farm. We have a website but we are wanting more people to find out about us. When Farm-n-Wife said that having a blog increases visitors to your website it was for sure that I wanted to make a blog.

  •             Have your website design simple.

With being involved with graphics I tend to be a little dramatic with my design. With my blog though I can’t be so dramatic so people can follow my stories. My pictures can be dramatic but not my blog so much.

  •             Have a contact page.

You need to have page that people are able to contact me. If they have a question or a suggestion they can click on my contact me button and email me with whatever that have to say.

I hope these tips helped you like they helped me. Just those little improvements have brought more visitors to my blog. Go check her out at

5 useful tips

This past week in my public relations in agriculture class we had two speakers, Lindsey Glass from Ozark Farm and Neighbor and Christy Diebold from Springfield Leather Company. The two speakers were very inspiring on how they have helped the companies they work for. Ozark Farm and Neighbor is a news journal for the Ozark region of Missouri. Lindsey came in to the company as a writer but now she also helps manage the social media for the news journal. Christy wanted to bring more business to Springfield Leather Company so she pitched the idea to include social media in to their business. Both of these ladies helped the company they work for through social media. Listed below are points they pointed out in their presentations that were interesting to me.


Don’t be afraid to take your ideas to the boss.

Christy really wanted to help the company so discussed with her managers about her idea of bringing social media to Springfield Leather Company. The manager like the idea and gave it to their boss, which also approved it. If you want to be successful with your job don’t be afraid to express your ideas.


Internships in college help with jobs out of college

Before her job at the Ozark Farm and Neighbor, Lindsey had taken many internship opportunities. With the internships, it helped her get the job she has now. Internships are a wonderful opportunity for students to take. It helps you figure out what you like to do.


Be a free agent writer. 

If you like to write or take pictures, send in your work to local newspapers to see if they will publish your writings or pictures. If you have on your resume that you were published in a newspaper then you will be more likely in receiving a job.


Be ideal for all of your customers

Every company has different types of customers. To be the best company though, you need to be ideal for everybody not just one group of people.


Post regularly but don’t be wordy

Be successful at social media you need to know how to keep your readers coming back. A really good tip was to post regularly but don’t be too wordy. If you post regularly then readers will come back to your page regularly. When you do post, though, do not bore your readers with posts as long as a book. Keep it short and simple.


I hope those points helped you as much as they helped me. Social Media is always changing and we have to keep up with it.