Reliving History

This week was spring break for Missouri State University. A 9-day break of doing whatever you wanted. Of course I went home like I do every weekend but this week has been different. My older sister came home for a couple of days. Of course I did what I always did of getting the calves up and washing them and babying them. One day when I came in from messing with the calves she had our old Nintendo 64 upstairs.

When my sister and I were younger we would spend hours in the basement playing Mario Brothers. We got really good at the first and second worlds that we felt like pros. We knew where are the little secrets and tricks were. Sometimes we would get lucky and have dad show us how it was really done. I remember one time he made it all the way to world 8 but he couldn’t make it past it. It was always the same routine every night. We would could outside and do our chores then we would come in and play Nintendo until it was time to go to bed.

It was that day that my sister and I sat down and played Mario Brothers that brought back all of these amazing childhood memories. I was 6 years old and had a bottle calf named Twinkles. She would get out in to the yard with me and follow me around everywhere. One day I was playing in a mud and Twinkles comes up behind me and pushes me in. She was always an ornery calf.

When dad would come home and say that he has to go fix a water gap meant that you get to go play in the creek for the day. While dad fixed the fence you got to play and explore the creek. I remember I was adventurous and pretend like the deep water had sharks in it and I had to jump over it to get to the other side. Or I would have to climb up a clay wall just to see what was at the top.

I could go on and on about all of my childhood memories but you would be reading a lot. Maybe I will come across something someday that will spark my memory of some more childhood memories. Please comment and tell me about some of the childhood memories that you have.

My Passion

I have always had a passion for photography. In college I am continuing that passion by taking a photography I class. Everybody knows what a digital camera is but that’s not what I use in this class. I use a film camera. They are all manual cameras that take film and you have to develop your negatives in a dark room. Ever since this class, developing film has been my new favorite hobby (behind my cattle of course).  In my photography I class we have just recently turned in our first assignment. Here are my five prints I took and developed.


As you can see the farm girl came out in me while taking the pictures. While I was developing my pictures in the dark room everybody would say, “Aww what a cute cow,” or “Awww is that a pig.” To them all these pictures are just a pig and some cows, but to me they are different. To me they tell an agricultural story that everybody should know. Ill keep posting all of my pictures I develop.